Eden Swartz

Marriage and Family Resident Therapist

(she / her / hers)

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As your therapist, my goal is to create a safe space where you feel comfortable and seen. Your journey and experiences are completely valid. I look forward to openly talking about the things in your life that are wanting attention and healing. I show up with warmth, compassion, an open heart, and a fiery sense of humor. Trust takes time, we will collaborate on building this trust together. I will be there for you, to support you, to help you learn new ways and new patterns–letting go of the old and tired patterns that are no longer working for you.

Eden specializes in…

  • Licensure
  • Marriage and Family Resident Therapist
  • Clinical Supervisor: Alissa Goddard, MA, LMFT
  • Degrees
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, Photography. University of Florida
  • Current Graduate Student – Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling – Naropa University

My Journey

My entire life has led me to this moment. As a kid, my best friend and I were inexhaustibly curious about sex and sexuality. We talked about sex constantly. We were also remarkably fortunate to have one another; we could tell each other everything, every minute detail. It started with books. I am a child of the 80’s, Judy Blume was my sex-ed teacher. I clearly remember reading Forever when I was 13 at summer camp and reading the sexy scenes out loud to my bunkmates. As we grew up together, we talked about it all, with no shame, hesitation, or inhibition. Kissing, making out, sex, sexuality, experimentation, relationships, successes, and broken hearts. We always had someone to go to, to ask our questions, to tell our secrets to. We were never alone on this journey.

Later, as an artist and photographer, I focused on social justice, on emotions, and relationships. I created art about suicide, anxiety, panic attacks, identity, and sexuality, just so people would talk to one another about these difficult topics that as humans, we all experience.

Twenty years ago I got married, and we had two children. As a pregnant person, I learned how difficult and miserable pregnancy can be. At that point I knew I needed to support pregnant women and people. I began teaching Prenatal Yoga over 15 years ago, and I continue to support women and people, guiding them through their experiences of postpartum depression and anxiety.

My husband and I work on our marriage everyday. We laugh, support each other, argue, cry, and laugh some more. We work hard in couples counseling. We just celebrated our twentieth wedding anniversary.

I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to support people as their therapist with compassion, empathy, and lovingkindness. Talking about sex is one of my most favorite things to do and supporting people on their healing journey is my absolute pleasure.  

When I’m not working I’m doing some combination of my favorite things – lounging by the pool, watching movies on the giant, green couch with my husband, kids, Honey Bird the dog and our three cats, drinking good coffee, traveling, gardening in my giant vegetable garden, photographing everyone, knitting, and dreaming of tropical beaches. 

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