Emma Brumenschenkel

Marriage and Family Resident Therapist

(she / they)

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I believe every person brings their unique experiences, perspectives, and identities into the therapeutic space. As such, I aim to center your lived experiences and the meaning you have made of them in our work together. I strive to create an open and affirming environment where you will feel safe and comfortable exploring all aspects of your identity, relationships, and experiences. My therapeutic practice is grounded in the belief that everyone has a  fundamental right to pleasure and that there are an infinite number of ways to experience pleasure. I embrace pleasure as a tool for transformation, growth, and healing. The way I approach therapy is by utilizing authenticity, curiosity, and openness. My goal is to create a space with you that will foster love and connection both within yourself and in relationships.

Emma specializes in…

  • Licensure
  • Marriage and Family Resident Therapist
  • Clinical Supervisor: Alissa Goddard, MA, LMFT,AASECT Certified Sex Therapist
  • Degrees
  • Associate of Applied Science in Photography- Fashion Institute of Technology
  • Bachelors of Science in Psychology- Plymouth State University
  • Current Graduate Student-Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy-Lewis and Clark College

My Journey

Growing up as a young queer person in a rural town in northern New Hampshire, I understand firsthand the impact of not receiving affirming therapeutic care. Because I hold visible privileged identities, such as being white and able-bodied, I was able to go largely undetected in the community I lived in. Because of this, I was afforded safety that those holding visible marginalized identities do not have. At the same time, I understand the deep pain and shame of having to hide your true self. These experiences have led me to become passionate about providing affirming and inclusive therapy for others.

I have always been drawn to people, and as a young person, I picked up a camera to connect with people through fine art nude photography and portraiture. This blossomed into an interest in human relationships during my six years in the wedding industry, where I worked to support people as they celebrated their love and connection. It wasn’t until I began my own journey of self-discovery and healing that I realized the true power of therapy and how it can impact one’s life. As a result, I decided to pursue a career in therapy to help others on their own journeys.

I am grateful to have parents who raised me within a sex-positive belief system. This has shaped my worldview to be open, fluid, and pleasure oriented. I believe that as human beings in this world, we are constantly in a state of flow and change. As such, we hold a multitude of possibilities within us. I recognize that societal expectations can often limit our sense of self and prevent us from fully expressing our true selves and accessing those possibilities. Through therapy, I aim to help you break free from these constraints and embrace your authentic self. It is my hope that by doing so, you can find greater joy, fulfillment, and connection in your life.

My therapeutic lens is systemic in nature and shaped by narrative theory and queer theory. Social justice frameworks also help to guide my practice.

I find joy in my personal life through art, music, film, reading, food, yoga, and spending quality time with those I love. I recharge my soul by connecting to nature, which I do through camping, paddle boarding, gardening, and nature bathing.

In my personal belief system, I hold dear the power of love in all its capacities. Love has the ability to heal, connect, and transform us.

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