Lost Your Desire for Sex?

Support Group for Women with Low Desire

If you’re like many women I speak to, you’ve noticed your desire for sex is lower than you’d prefer. Maybe it has steadily decreased over time, and now you feel stuck.

This struggle to feel desire may have you worried you’ll never want to have sex again. You might be thinking, “I love my partner, but I don’t want to have sex with them. What is wrong with me?” 

You are not alone!

In this 6-week support group, you’ll no longer feel alone in your struggles. You’ll have a safe, feminist forward space to share your experiences, and hear from other women who have similar experiences. 

As you discuss and learn from each other, you’ll develop new language around desire and arousal, and what to do with them. And most importantly, you’ll be in a space where you can rid yourself of the shame and embarrassment you’ve been feeling.

 We’re going to explore… 

  • Week 1: Introductions and Understanding Low Desire → “Am I ever going to want to have sex again?”
  • Week 2: Myths and Misconceptions About Sexuality and Desire → “Sex should look a specific way or I’m doing it wrong.”  
  • Week 3: Spontaneous and Responsive Desire → “It’s hard for me to feel aroused before we start to be intimate.”
  • Week 4: Sexual Brakes and Accelerators (Desire is Context-Dependent) → “When I’m stressed there’s no way I can have sex!”
  • Week 5: Preferred Sexual Script → “The expectations I have about sex are not working for me.”
  • Week 6: Mindfulness & The Mind/Body Connection → “It’s hard for me to be present in my body when I am thinking about my to do list.”

By the end of this series, you can expect to:

  • Develop and strengthen your self-compassion
  • Gain a clear understanding of the factors that inhibit your desire
  • Feel more connected to your body and sexuality 
  • And be empowered to create contexts that better cultivate your desire

This is a chance to join a supportive group of individuals who are on a similar journey, and to gain the tools to help you reconnect with your body.

Ready to join? 

  • Mondays from 7-8:30pm
    This support group meets virtually via Zoom weekly beginning October 3rd.
  • Cost is $400
    for the entire group series, payment options available upon request.
  • Space is limited to 8 participants, so contact us soon if interested. 
  • Email [email protected] to join.

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