Nicole Taylor

Marriage and Family Resident Therapist

(she / her)

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My mission is to create a safe space for you to connect more authentically with yourself and in your relationships. I know how scary vulnerability can be, especially as you’re navigating issues related to emotional and sexual intimacy. I will strive to help you through this journey by bringing transparency, compassion, humor, and curiosity into our sessions. As we work together, I hope to create opportunities for you to process difficult emotions, shift patterns that are no longer serving you, and explore the many factors that shape your experiences.

Nicole specializes in…

  • Licensure
  • Marriage and Family Resident Therapist
  • Clinical Supervisor: Alissa Goddard, MA, LMFT, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist
  • Degrees
  • Bachelor of Science at Arizona State University

My Journey

For as long as I can remember, I have been keenly aware of the impact our relationships and communities have on our well-being. Growing up queer in a religious community that wasn’t accepting, I never felt comfortable exploring or expressing my own sexuality. I was taught not to talk about sex and had learned to associate sex and sexuality with shame as a result of this. As I’ve gotten older and become a part of new communities, I’ve seen first-hand the impact of acceptance, mutual trust, and authenticity in our relationships.

These experiences sparked a passion for working in a field that prioritizes our relationships with one another and with the communities and systems that impact us. I first started taking classes on sex and sexuality during my undergraduate program and went on to specialize in sexuality during my graduate training. As a therapist, I hope to help clients explore new ways to engage with themselves and others, as well as provide opportunities to process difficult feelings.

I plan to utilize Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and Socio-Emotional Relationship Therapy (SERT) in our work together. My goal is to create a space that fosters connection, authenticity, and transformation in your lives and relationships. I view the systems we are a part of as an integral part of our experience and aim to incorporate equity into our work together.

When I am not in the office, you can find me at home watching scary movies, thrifting, spending time with cats, or making animated stop-motion videos with my friends!

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