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Are you ready to explore your gender and sexual identity? Are you experiencing sexual struggles that are connected to your personal identity? We've created a safe space for you to explore your sexual concerns with therapists who respect and affirm all facets of your identity.

We Understand

Are you experiencing sexual concerns that are interconnected with your sexual or gender identity? Maybe you’re questioning your sexual identity and feel overwhelmed by shame, anxiety, and outside judgement. Or perhaps you’re experiencing sexual anxiety that is heightened by your experience of gender dysphoria. These stressors create discomfort in your body during sexual experiences and you end up disconnecting from pleasure altogether!

It’s Complicated

You’re ready to explore who you are and want to discover how to fully embrace sexual pleasure. You need a safe space to explore your identity and pleasure, and you deserve a guide who is competent and capable of exploring your story through an intersectional lens. We’re ready to help you address your sexual concerns in a way that honors your identities and experiences.

How We Help

Our therapists are affirming of gender and sexually diverse identities & experiences. We are here to provide you with affirming support as you navigate sexual concerns.

We understand how exhausting or frustrating it may be to have to over-explain or educate a provider about your identities. We are committed to supporting you with curiosity about your experience and accountability for our own education. We will work to integrate our extensive sex therapy training with our commitment to offering an inclusive therapy space for folks of all gender and sexual identities.

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I’m questioning my sexual identity and feeling a lot of shame, guilt, and fear as a result. I want to figure out who I am and what I want, but I feel so stuck.

I have been able to explore my sexual identity in a supportive space. I feel more understanding about who I am and am beginning to feel more acceptance of my identity. I feel hopeful this will allow me to have better relationships with others.


I’ve experienced a lot of rejection and judgement from other people about my identity. I feel so much hurt and pain from these experiences. It leads me to shut down anytime I try to connect with my sexuality, because I’m just reminded of the negative experiences.

I have been able to process the trauma I experienced around my identity. I am more able to express these feelings and be kind to myself. I’m feeling more empowered in my identity, and this is allowing me to feel more comfortable expressing myself sexually.


My partner recently came out a trans and is going through their transition. I want to fully accept and support them, but I’m struggling with how to sexually connect with them in a new way. I want to have a fulfilling sexual relationship, but I keep getting stuck in anxiety and fear when we try to connect.

I now have more understanding of why I was feeling anxious about my sexual relationship. I have been able to make sense of how my partner’s transition impacts my identity and have found ways to express my sexual wants and needs to them.

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