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We Understand

Has your relationship become a source of tension and frustration in your life? Are you wondering what happened to the love and attraction you once shared with your partner? Long term relationships are complicated and need care and attention in order to thrive. Unfortunately, our lives are so busy that we often neglect our relationship due to sheer exhaustion.

It’s Complicated

Over time, the easy communication you once shared is replaced with conflict and resentment. The attraction and physical connection that bonded you sexually disappears. You’re tired of fighting. You’re desperate for your partner to meet your needs. You dream about being able to heal this relationship, but you’re afraid it might be damaged beyond repair. We understand how you’re feeling, and we believe that it isn’t too late to salvage your relationship.

How We Help

At The Center for Couples & Sex Therapy, we specialize in helping couples just like you reverse the patterns that are keeping you stuck in disconnection and conflict.

Our approach to couples therapy involves three simple stages. First, we’ll repair what is broken in your relationship. We’ll walk through a thorough assessment to understand your strengths and weaknesses, identify what needs to change so that both of your needs can be met, and begin to repair the damage caused by painful communication.

Now that you’re fighting less and rebuilding connection, we’ll turn our focus towards restoring love and intimacy in your relationship. You’re going to discover how to share your feelings, hopes, dreams, and needs. We’ll talk about your sexual relationship and begin taking actionable steps towards restoring and enhancing your sexual connection.

At this point, you’re feeling more emotionally connected and sexually satisfied. We’re now able to focus on enriching your relationship. This is where we take your relationship from good to incredible. We won’t tell you that this work is easy, but we know that this process works. We’re here to help whenever you’re ready.

Before Therapy

After Therapy


We fight all the time. It feels like we can’t have a conversation without escalating into conflict. We’re both exhausted.

We know how to navigate disagreements and hard conversations with respect and collaboration. We feel like we’re on the same team and can give each other the benefit of the doubt.


We feel like roommates. The closeness we felt in the beginning of our relationship has disappeared. We’re not sure why we’re together anymore.

We feel emotionally and physically connected to each other. There is an intimacy between us that feels deep, special, and worth fighting for.


I feel like I’ve outgrown this relationship. I wanted to grow with my partner, but now it feels like we’re just holding each other back from happiness.

My partner is my best friend. I feel like we know each other deeply and are both committed to supporting each other as individuals with different needs and dreams.

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Therapists Who Can Help

  • Sophia Colletti

    MA, Marriage and Family Therapist Associate

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  • Alexis Fitch

    MA, Marriage and Family Therapist Associate

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  • Nicole Kammerlocher

    LPC, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

    Meet Nicole
  • Alissa Goddard

    MA, LMFT, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

    Meet Alissa
  • Jes Bradshaw

    MA, LMFT, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

    Meet Jes
  • Lauren Goldstein

    MSW, LCSW, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

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