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Are you thinking about ending your relationship? If you’re at a breaking point but you’re not sure whether you should try to make it work or just call it quits, you may benefit from Discernment Counseling with one of our relationship therapists. We're here to help you to create more clarity, understanding, and peace during this difficult process.

We Understand

Are you thinking about ending your relationship? You’ve been stuck in the same painful cycle for a long time. It feels like you cannot tolerate this anger, disconnection, and loneliness any longer. You’re at a breaking point, but you’re not sure whether you should try to make it work or just call it quits. It feels like you have no energy left to try to rebuild your connection, but separation feels scary and unknown. Or perhaps you’ve already decided that separation is the right path for you, but you don’t know how to end the relationship with compassion and care.

It’s Complicated

Navigating the logistics of separation can be incredibly overwhelming. We understand that society doesn’t model a compassionate way to work through discernment or separation. On top of that, there can be so much judgement and bias from others that you have to deal with while trying to do what’s best for you and your family. You deserve support from an unbiased professional who will help you to create more clarity, understanding, and peace during this difficult process.

How We Help

Discernment counseling is a process designed to support couples who are unsure whether they want to continue their relationship.

We’ll walk through a structured process where we explore what life would be like if you stayed in your relationship as-is, decided to part ways, or committed to rebuilding trust and connection. Individual sessions are an important part of this process.

We want you both to have a safe space to talk about your ambivalence and commitment to the therapeutic process. If you both have the capacity and motivation to try to work through your struggles, we’ll walk you through our process for rebuilding emotional connection.

If separation feels like the right path forward, we’ll help you communicate with compassion, identify emotional and physical boundaries for this process, and navigate the logistical aspects of separation in a safe container. We’re here to support you each step of the way, regardless of how the process unfolds.

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Before Therapy

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We are struggling to know if our relationship can be saved or if it’s time to let go. We can’t seem to figure out the right path, and it’s so painful to stay stuck in this hurtful dynamic.

We have been able to identify the parts of our relationship that need to change in order for both of us to feel fulfilled. We are continuing to rebuild trust, intimacy, and connection. We are on the same page about moving forward together.


I am ready to let go of this relationship, but I feel completely stuck and afraid when it comes to sharing this clearly with my partner.

I have been able to express my true feelings and needs with my partner. It feels relieving to be honest about my needs, and I now feel we are able to navigate this change together.


We agree that separating is the right decision for us, but we constantly argue about the logistics. 

We are able to communicate about the logistical aspects of separation compassionately. We are aware of each other’s needs and have been able to make helpful agreements in order to move forward.

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