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Sex + Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Parenthood

Are you struggling to connect with your sexuality during pregnancy, postpartum, or parenthood? We understand that your body no longer feels like your own, but we believe it's possible to reconnect with your sexual self. We also believe you can prioritize self-care without sacrificing your role as a parent! We're here to show you how.

We Understand

Are you struggling with sexual issues during pregnancy, postpartum, or new parenthood? You want to feel connected to your sexuality, but you’re overwhelmed by body changes, processing your birth experience, and adjusting to having a baby. Also, you’re starting to feel touched out and are constantly feeling exhausted and fatigued. Your body has shifted from being your own to being a resource for your child.

It’s Complicated

It feels like there isn’t enough time, energy, or physical capacity for you to tend to your pleasure and sexuality.

You feel like you’ve lost touch with the sexual part of yourself and don’t see any path to reconnection. We want you to know that you are not alone and your experience is normal! It is possible to reconnect to pleasure and eroticism during your parenthood journey. We’re here to show you how.

How We Help

At The Center for Couples & Sex Therapy, we wholeheartedly believe that it’s possible to balance your new experiences in pregnancy, postpartum, and parenthood with pleasure and sexuality.

We will support you in identifying your desires and hopes for your sexuality and will create an actionable (and manageable) plan for reconnecting with your sexual self in whatever way feels good for you. We’ll begin by processing the emotional impact of your pregnancy, postpartum, and parenthood experiences. Next, we’ll explore your sexual beliefs and values and will identify options to get you the self-care and support you deserve. Finally, we’ll create a mindful relationship with pleasure, ensuring that you’re getting exactly what you need from yourself and your partner.

Your self-care, pleasure, and sexuality matter. We’re here to support you in finding the balance that meets your needs.

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I want to be connected with my sexuality, but I am so physically drained, sleep deprived, and touched out after having my baby! Every time I think about sexuality, I feel overwhelmed by dread because it feels so out of reach right now. I feel like I’m letting myself and my partner down, but I can’t see a way to make this better.

I have been able to let go of the shame and guilt that were keeping me stuck, find ways to engage in self-care, and identify what kinds of pleasure feel accessible for me. All of this has created more space for me to connect with my sexuality and it feels so good to be reconnecting with that part of myself!


My traumatic birth experience has left me feeling really anxious and fearful with any kind of sexual touch. I feel guilty for pushing my partner away, but I just don’t feel ready to be sexual.

I have processed my birth experience and feel like I’ve begun healing from that trauma. I’ve been able to slowly move back into sensual touch that feels comfortable and pleasurable with my partner.


I was already struggling with sexuality but now that I’m pregnant, I feel more disconnected from it. My body changes are bringing up insecurity and the physical discomfort that comes with pregnancy is a turn off.

I’ve learned about my sexual values and beliefs and I’ve found positive ways to connect with pleasure. This has also led to a more positive body image. With this growth, I feel more hopeful that I can maintain my sexuality throughout this journey.

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