Sarah Baker 

Marriage and Family Resident Therapist

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As a resident therapist, I lead with compassion, honesty, and acceptance. Transparency is a quality that I value, and I aspire to empower clients to share their feelings and challenges freely with me. Therapy can help you gain awareness of your own experiences, help guide you to explore what you want for your future, as well as help identify your inner strengths as you begin towards a path of healing. My goal is to work collaboratively with you to encourage reconnection and help promote healing in yourself and your relationships. 

Sarah specializes in…

  • Licensure
  • Marriage and Family Resident Therapist
  • Clinical Supervisor: Alissa Goddard, MA, LMFT
  • Degrees
  • Bachelor of Arts in Communications – Washington State University
  • Current Graduate Student – Marriage, Couple and Family Therapy – Lewis and Clark College

My Journey

I have always loved building relationships and connections with others. I believe connections are essential for humans, and healthy relationships are important in life. My goal is to help identify underlying emotions, insecurities, and unmet needs that drive the way you think, act and relate with others. I am drawn to working as a couples therapist because I want to help others create healthier patterns and relationships. I believe therapy is the place where your story can be heard and your future can be re-written.

Growing up in a small town where sex and sexuality weren’t openly talked about, I didn’t receive the information or guidance to reinforce my sex-positive belief system. I quickly realized there are certain societal expectations around sexuality that I didn’t agree with. I have come to the realization that the narratives imprinted on me in my youth were not absolute and that I had the chance to reframe them.

Deconstructing Internalized narratives of shame around sex is a goal I strive toward in the work that I do. I understand that some of the topics my clients need to discuss can feel challenging for them as we all have different beliefs and experiences surrounding sex. I hope to foster a welcoming environment with an open-minded approach as I work alongside my clients. With a systemic mindset, I practice from an emotionally focused lens and use a narrative therapy framework while incorporating social justice into my approach.

When I am not working, I enjoy kickboxing, watching live music, snuggling my cat, and spending time with my partner and our dogs. 

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